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Wood biofungicide

General outlook

Research shows that close to 40 percent of all raw industrial wood materials are infected by spores of fungus. No matter what species or country the raw timbers originated from - fungus disease show up just in days.

Wood processing plants need to handle this huge amount of infected timbers.

Packaging materials, pallets and building trees, as well as parts thereof, must be protected against chemical, corrosion and biological effects that endanger stability, mechanical strength and intended use, and against the harmful effects of water and moisture.


Combined wood protection provides the best protection for the long-term use of wood.

Products based on wood would have a common characteristic of eliminating the biggest disadvantage of using 'organic materials', using natural compounds that are more environmentally friendly than those currently employed. In the case of related technology, minimizing material consumption and energy use is also an important factor.


3000-5000 pieces of pallets are handled per month to meet market requirements. The related development can replace manual deactivation, which is currently costly and time consuming. With the setting of the related equipment, in our case the nailing automatic, the production and surface treatment of one-way pallets with expanding range can be solved. With a more manageable line, capacity increases and costs go down.

The emerging product line fits the ever-changing market needs. The mechanical structure developed during the project and the formulations developed for different size dimensions are an advantage in the market price training as well.


Ligna NRW, Hannover - 2017
EcoFair, Belgrade - 2018
SpringFairs, Celje - 2019
ITM Polska, Poznan - 2019